Party for Black Angel SL, Team provided by Purity’s Castle

15 ago 2010 | By RickReymond

Party for Black Angel SL Team provided by Purity’s Castle.    
On the evening of Saturday 08/14/10 we were at one more work to publicize the Purity’s Castle (our partner), to our  amazement we were surprised in the ballroom of Purity’s Castle with a beautiful reception on behalf of Purity’s Castle SL for Black Angel, a party with many participants that all the time we could see avatars  falling from different SL places (asians, Americans, Europeans and Brazilians) there were banners around the hall and the DJ announced Black Angel (speaking in English ) all the time in the air overnight, the local stream was being transmitted online via the website Black Angel all the online virtual world of Internet users.
Purity’s Castle at night being represented by Cintia Zenfold, the local host and interpreter for all Brazilians who were there (the land is from  New Zelanders).
A selection of international dance, led by DJ Azaran Hanfoi who led the party to pursue the first hours of Sunday.
The exciting has taken the place and our team was receipt  as we would expect, (and I worked for this party to be seen by the virtual world) after all, is not always that we have a party in our honor!
Black Angel Team: CRISTHAL ZIMBERMAN, Rebeka Lecktar, katia raynier, Elvira SL and I Rick Reymond were there at the scene and feeling honored as grand reception dedicated by Purity’s Castle of Purity Pearl and by Cintia Zenfold (representative of Purity Pearl that was not on the land)

Black Angel Team thanks.
Editing, images and video by Rick Reymond

Pesquisa:Rebeka Lectar

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  1. Thank you for recpção’s Castle of Purity Purity Pearl & Cintia Zenfold for being so kind to our team.
    Congratulations Rick King for another great edition of video.This gorgeous .. kisses

  2. Elvira SLNo Gravatar disse:

    Great party! :)

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